We own our farms.

Our two farms are located in north central Minnesota (the heart of wild rice country) along the shores of the Mississippi River. Near the “Great River’s” headwaters, our farms are gently flooded with the meandering, pristine water that wanders from its birthplace in Lake Itasca.

We use modern farming methods and strict quality control.

Modern farming methods and constant monitoring techniques guarantee that our wild rice meets the highest quality requirements and standards.

We process our wild rice locally.

Not all wild rice processors are created equal, there are actually about two dozen major processors. Our processor’s reputation is unmatched in the industry. They continually evaluate their processing techniques to increase efficiency and produce a better product.

We are a direct supplier.

Because customers purchase our wild rice directly from us, the markup from buying through intermediaries is eliminated.

We offer price breaks for bulk purchases.

Our considerable production capabilities allow us to give significant discounts for bulk purchases. This makes purchasing wild rice, a highly valued and prized specialty product, an affordable commodity in the marketplace.

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